For the sporty types, one of the region’s largest natural sites offers walks or mountain bike trails.

Ideas for walks :

The ‘capitelle’ or stone hut trail starting in Conques sur Orbiel: 2-4 km – 1.30 to 2.30 hours.

There are some great walks starting in Aragon (a map of the paths is displayed as you enter the villages), including the Dry Stone & Garrigue trail (7 km over 3 hours at most); Vallon de la Vallette (4.5 km over 1.30 hours); and across the garrigue (15 km over 4 hours and mountain bike).

There is also the vine variety trail starting in Moussoulens (500 m before the hamlet of Caunettes Hautes): 4 km – 1.30 hours.

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From its rocky outcrop in the heart of the Cabardès wine region, Aragon offers breathtaking views across the region.

Montolieu has created a space where books reign supreme. As you wander along the village streets, you will come across twenty or so book shops and second-hand book stores, artists and craftsmen, a museum of the arts and book trades, the museum of outsider and folk art, the Cérès-Franco co-operative museum, along with countless shops and restaurants.

Lastours forms a vast archaeological complex with its four castles – Cabaret, Tour Régine, Surdespine and Quertineux. The visit is in two parts – enjoying the views from the Belvedere, then access to the monuments via a footpath. An archaeology exhibition ‘Lastours, 4,000 years of history’, presents the main findings of nearly 25 years of excavations. There is also a ‘Fauna and Flora’ trail that prepares visitors for exploring the natural surroundings and revolves around 3 themes – geology, botany and zoology.